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Fences 101 - Chapter 5: Fence Glossary
Last Updated: 02/10/2012

Aluminum - A lightweight, low maintenance ornamental fencing material.

Augur - A tool used to drill into and remove dirt from post holes.

Board on Board Fence - A type of fence that has a staggered arrangement of boards on either side of 2 or more rails. Also called a Good Neighbor Fence.

Composite - A fence material manufactured from a combination of synthetic material and natural wood.

Concrete - A mixture of cement and an aggregate such as limestone, sand, or gravel. Commonly used to anchor fence posts.

Chain Link Fence - A fence type composed of galvanized steel wire mesh and posts.

Deer Fence - A polypropylene mesh fencing system used to protect gardens and landscaping from wildlife.

ICC Code (formerly known as BOCA Code) - The ICC is the International Code Council. They publish the IRC (International Residential Code) and IBC (International Building Code). The Pool Barrier code in the IRC defines a set of national standards for residential pool fences.

Iron - A heavy metal used in ornamental fencing. Iron fences are typically either wrought (worked into a shape) or cast.

Kennel Fence - A steel wire mesh fencing system used to build pet kennel cages.

Ornamental Fence - A fence type defined by long thin metal pickets attached to horizontal rails.

Picket - A vertical element in a fence. Pickets can be made from any fence material, including aluminum, steel, or wood.

Picket Fence - A common type of fence made from pickets, rails, and posts.

Pool Fence - A fence used to provide a barrier around a swimming pool.

Post - A vertical support component in a fence.

Post Anchor - A metal device driven into the ground that supports a fence post. An alternative to traditional post hole and cement fence installations.

Post Hole Digger - A tool used to dig and remove dirt from a fence post hole. Also called a clamshell digger.

Post Mount - An optional fence component used to mount a fence post to concrete.

Post & Rail Fence - A common fence type made from vertical posts and horizontal rails.

Privacy Fence - A fence type characterized by tightly fitted components. Build to enhance privacy and reduce external noise.

Privacy Slat - A vinyl strip locked onto a chain link fence to enhance privacy and visual characteristics.

Rackable Panel - A fence panel that changes profile from square to diagonal. Used for fences installed on a hill or grade.

Rail - A horizontal element in a fence upon which boards or pickets are attached.

Split Rail - A fence type made from split wood rails and posts.

Stair Stepping - A method of installing a fence on a grade where each successive panel is placed higher (uphill) or lower (downhill) than the last.

Steel - A heavy duty fencing material commonly used in ornamental fences.

Vinyl - A lightweight synthetic fence material commonly used as an alternative to wood fencing.

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