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Westbury Aluminum Railing Guide
Last Updated: 02/10/2012
Ornamental aluminum fence around a community.

This article is a general information guide and may not apply to your specific railing application. Please check the manufacturer documentation for Westbury Railing specs and installation information.

Also, check with your state/local building department to ensure that your railing installation complies with all building codes.

Westbury Aluminum Railing is a DIY friendly "railing in a box" system that adds safety and style to your deck, stairs, patio, or balcony.

Westbury is easy to install with the right tools and instructions, but it requires careful planning and a good understanding of what components are needed to create your design. We created this illustrative guide to provide you with a simple resource that will help you plan and purchase your Aluminum Railing.

This guide is a companion to the printable Westbury Aluminum Railing Material Checklist

Westbury Aluminum Railing - Glossary

  • Standard Section (aka. Straight Section) - A straight section of railing. A standard section of Westbury railing comes with spindles, top and bottom rails, and mounts.
  • Stair Section - A railing section designed to accomodate the angle of your stairs.
  • Standard Post (aka. Blank Post) - A surface mounted post that secures one or more standard sections.
  • Stair Post - A surface mounted post used to support one or more stair sections.
  • Crossover Post - A special surface mounted post used to connect 2 or more standard sections without interrupting the smooth profile of the top rail
  • Mount - A fitting used to secure a railing section to a post or a wall. There are many types of mounts available to fit different applications.
  • Run - A continuous line of railing sections and posts. A railing installation can have one or more runs. For example, a single railing could have a 20 foot straight run followed by a 12 foot stair run, then another 20 foot straight run.

Common Westbury Aluminum Railing Layouts (Runs)

Westbury railing has a number of components, like stair sections and crossover posts, that perform a specific function within your railing design.

The following illustrations show some common simplified railing runs and the components that are used to create them. Of course, your railing will probably have more than 1 or 2 sections of varying width, but the same concepts apply regardless of size.

Straight Aluminum Railing Run with Standard Posts

Westbury Crossover Railing Section

A straight run is very common in railing designs. It consists of 1 or more straight sections connected by standard posts.

The example straight railing run above consists of:

  • 2 Standard Sections
  • 3 Standard Blank Posts
  • 3 Flat Post Caps
  • 3 Post Flairs to cover the post plate welded to the bottom of each post.

Straight Aluminum Railing Run with Crossover Posts

Westbury Straight Section with Crossover Railing Posts

Similar to the standard straight run only with crossover posts to maintain the smooth upper rail.

The example crossover railing run consisists of:

  • 2 Standard Sections
  • 3 Crossover Posts
  • 3 Post Flairs to cover the post plate welded to the bottom of each post.

Stair Aluminum Railing Run with Standard Stair Posts

Westbury Standard Stair Section with Stair Posts

Stair runs follow the contour of your stairs. They typically consist of 1 or more stair sections connected by stair posts. It should be noted that stair posts are taller than standard posts. They are usually cut during installation to maintain consistency.

The example stair railing run above consisists of:

  • 1 Stair Section
  • 2 Stair Posts
  • 2 Flat Post Caps
  • 2 Post Flairs to cover the post plate welded to the bottom of each post.

Crossover Stair Aluminum Railing Run with Stair Posts and Crossover Mount

Westbury Crossover Stair Railing Section with Stair Posts

Crossover stair runs maintain a continuous profile through the use of 2 or more crossover stair sections connected by a stair post fitted with a crossover mount.

The example stair crossover railing run above consisists of:

  • 2 Crossover Stair Sections
  • 3 Stair Posts (All 3 posts are stair posts, the middle one is cut to accomodate the crossover mount.)
  • 2 Flat Post Caps
  • 1 Crossover Mount
  • 3 Post Flairs to cover the post plate welded to the bottom of each post.

Westbury Aluminum Railing Installation - Tools

Westbury Railing installs with common home improvement tools. At a minimum, you will need:

  • Hacksaw (To cut rail sections as needed)
  • Drill with assorted bits
  • Level
  • Wrench Set
  • Rubber Mallet

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