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9 Gauge Galvanized Utility Wire - 1000' Roll Galvanized Tension Wire - 1000 ft. Roll
Our Price: $147.59
Our Price: $127.99
1000' Roll of Galvanized Utility Wire 1000' Roll of Galvanized Tension Wire
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Tension & Utility Wire Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the tension wire look kinked?

No, you didn’t just get a defective roll. Tension wire is kinked for a reason – to enable you to stretch it easier and keep it tight across the fabric.Without the kinks, the wire would be loose and tend to sag after it was installed.The kinks or “springs” as they are known in the fence industry help by providing resistance.They want to return to their kinked position, thus exerting a pulling force on the wire.

Lighter gauge “tension” wire like you find at big home improvement centers is usually referred to as utility wire.It can also be used as tension wire for lighter residential fences, but it is hard to keep stretched tight because it doesn’t have the springs.

What are tension wire and utility wire used for?

Tension wire is used as a bracing for wire fabric on a chain link fence. It is most often used on the bottom of the fence, but may be used in place of top rail for some residential installations to save costs.Utility wire has many uses.In fencing, it can be used as tension wire for residential projects or to hang razor ribbon.

How do you install tension wire or utility wire on a chain link fence?

To install tension wire or utility wire on a chain link fence you’ll need brace bands, a come-a-long, a wire grip or Haven’s grip, and a pair of fencer’s pliers. Loop the tension wire around the bolt of your first brace band, and then, using the fencer’s pliers, tightly wrap the wire around itself.Cut enough of tension wire off of the coil so that it will reach your next terminal post (plus 6 to 8 inches) when fully stretched.Now that one end is secure, stretch the tension wire to your other terminal post using the come-a-long and the wire stretcher.With the wire fully stretched, loop this end of the wire around the bolt in the next brace band and twist the wire on itself.Next release the come-a-long, and repeat the process on the next run.After the fabric is installed, secure the tension wire to the fabric with hog rings.

Do you offer quantity discounts on tension wire?

Yes, tension wire qualifies for the same quantity discounts as chain link wire.