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Stretching & Pulling Tools

  • OZ-Puller Plug Clamp Pulling a Concrete Plug Out of the Ground with the OZ-Puller & Plug Clamp

    OZ-Puller Plug Clamp

    Remove Concrete Plugs from the Ground with Ease Pairs with the OZ-Puller Great for Broken Fence Posts, Temporary Fences, & Even Large Rocks Also Works Great for Removing Oz-Post Anchors from the Ground for Reuse Heavy Duty Cast Steel w/ Exterior...

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  • OZ-Puller Post Clamp Removing a Wood Post with the OZ-Puller & Post Clamp

    OZ-Puller Post Clamp

    Grips on to Old Wood Posts & Doesn't Let Go! Pairs with the OZ-Puller to Make a Powerful Post Pulling Tool Even Removes Posts That Have Been Cemented In - Removes the Cement Plug and All Heavy Duty Cast Steel w/ Exterior Grade Powder Coat The...

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