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Swimming Pool Fences Pool Fences on this page meet ICC pool codes for height and spacing

Keep your kids and pets safer around the pool with an ICC (BOCA) Code compliant pool fence. The fences on this page are some of our most popular styles. All of them meet the ICC's recommended height and spacing requirements, as long as they are installed to the manufacturers specifications.

Vinyl Pool Fences

Bufftech Chesterfield Pool FenceBufftech Chesterfield Vinyl Privacy Fence

Enjoy your pool in full privacy. Bufftech Chesterfield privacy fences from 4' tall & up meet or exceed most pool codes, including the ICC guidelines. Plus, Chesterfield fences are sturdy, featuring 7/8" tongue and groove pickets, and steel reinforced bottom rails to prevent sagging and resist wind.

Bufftech Chesterfield (Smooth Finish) : Available in White, Almond, and Clay.
4' Tall, 5' Tall, 6' Tall

Bufftech Chesterfield with Certagrain Texture : Available in 10 Realistic Wood Grain Textures
4' Tall, 5' Tall, 6' Tall

Bufftech Baron Contemporary Picket Fence

Safety around the pool combined with the contemporary style of an ornamental vinyl fence; that's what the Bufftech Baron has to offer. The 4', 5', and 6' tall Baron sections meet all of the requirements for height and spacing of the ICC pool code; however, the 3' sections are not pool compliant. The 5' and 6' sections feature a mid-rail (as shown in the picture on the left) which provides additional strength and stability.

Bufftech Baron (Smooth Finish) : Available in White and Almond.
4' Tall, 5' Tall, 6' Tall

Aluminum Pool Fences

Regis 3220 2-Rail Ornamental Pool Fence

The Regis 3220 is beautiful in it's simplicity, utility, and economy. This 2-rail 48" flat-top pool fence has no fancy finials or pickets, yet it guards your pool or spa as well as any 4' ornamental fence. One of our most economical aluminum fence options, the 3220 will add low-maintenance beauty and classic ornamental style to your home with a much smaller investment more ornate aluminum or steel pool fences.

Regis 3220 : Available in 9 Architectural Grade Powdercoats
4' Tall

Regis 3230 3-Rail, Flat-Top Aluminum Swimming Pool Fence

The Regis 3230 is the quintessential modern looking pool fence, designed for safety and style. A 3-rail ornamental fence with a flat top profile, which reduces the risk of injury to children and pets, and a flush bottom, the 3230 is our most popular ornamental pool fence style.

Regis 3230: Available in 9 Architectural Grade Powdercoats
55" Tall

Composite Fences

Fencescape Composite Privacy Pool FenceFenceScape Composite Pool Fences

FenceScape composite fences offer the natural beauty of wood without the fuss. Manufactured from recycled wood dust and plastics, FenceScape Composite Fences are durable and low maintenance. FenceScape is sold as components, so the power of design is at your fingertips. We also offer pre-designed panel kits that come with everything that you need to build a fence panel. The privacy and board on board panel kits that we sell will meet ICC pool fence standards.

FenceScape Composites: Available in Mountain Red Cedar Color:
Components, Panel Kits

What is the ICC Code

The ICC (International Code Council) is an international association composed of building industry members that publishes a set of recommended minimum safety guidelines for residential and commercial construction.  The guidelines themselves are not law, but many states and municipalities use them as a basis for their own building codes, which must be followed.  That is why it is always important to check with your local building code enforcement before starting any project, even if the materials comply with the ICC codes.