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Bekaert High Tensile 4-Point Gaucho Barb Wire 15.5ga - 1320' Roll Hot Dip Galvanized 4-Point 12.5ga Barbwire - 1320' Roll 18" Diameter Razor Ribbon Helical - 50' Roll 24" Diameter Razor Ribbon Helical - 50' Roll
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Bekaert 4-Point Gaucho Barb Wire 1320' Roll Galvanized Barbwire Roll 1320' 18" Diameter Razor Ribbon 24" Diameter Razor Ribbon
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Barb Wire and Razor Wire Information


Barbed Wire – Also know as barb wire or bob-wire is a strand of galvanized or vinyl coated wire with intermittent sharp barbs protruding. Barbed wire can be used to make or secure many different types of fences, including livestock fencing and security fencing. It is commonly strung at the top of a chain link fence to add security by preventing anyone from climbing over the fence.

Razor Wire – A strand of helical barbed tape that has galvanized or stainless steel razor like blades protruding from it at regular intervals. It is typically used at maximum security facilities due to the fact that it is more difficult to navigate around than barbed wire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between barb wire and razor wire?

Barb wire has twisted wire barbs spaced at specific intervals while razor wire has sharp “blades”. Also, barb wire is stretched tight between brace bands, whereas razor ribbon is loosely spiraled around tension wire or barbwire.

Can you cut down rolls of wire?

No, we cannot cut down any of the wire that we sell into smaller rolls. Chain link can easily be shortened on site by removing one of the links of the wire. Barb wire, tension wire, and utility wire can all be cut on site with fencer’s pliers or wire cutters.It is recommended that you cut the wire on site so that you can be sure of the length.

Do you sell barb arms?

Yes, we sell several different types of barb arms including 3-Strand and 6-strand arms.

Do you offer quantity discounts on barb wire?

Yes, barb wire qualifies for the same quantity discounts as chain link wire.

Do you offer quantity discounts on razor wire?

Yes, razor wire qualifies for the same quantity discounts as chain link wire.

How do I install barb wire?

Very carefully! Seriously, it isn’t that difficult.Get a good, thick pair of gloves, a wire stretcher or Haven’s Grip, and a Come-A-Long.You’ll also need barbarms for your line and corner posts and brace bands for your end posts.First you loop your first strand around the bolt in one of your brace bands and twist it onto itself to secure it.Then you stretch the barbwire all the way to your other terminal post and loop that end into another brace band.Then you just go down the line snapping the barbwire into the barbarms on your line and/or corner posts.If you have 3 strand barbarms, then you repeat this process 2 more times.